London is the largest metropolitan area and it is the capital city of England situated in United Kingdom which is located onto the river Thames. London has got beautiful scenes to be captured. The city is said to be crowded but it is safe to roam at any time of the central heart of the city. The night life at London provides lots of enjoyment and satisfaction. The availability of getting through all the places to be covered will be well guided by a tourist escort even with the travel allowances.

The top 5 nights to visit in London are:

Tower of London:The Tower of London to be seen from the river Thames where we get the view of the water gates that is the “Traitors Gates”. The Tower of London is the place where the Queen’s crown jewels were kept and were very elegant to see. And it is also said that many years ago Tower of London was the residence for few kings and the queens.


This image was selected as a picture of the we...This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Czech Wikipedia for th week, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


London Eye: London Eye is a 135meters long which is one of the world’s tallest wheels till date. Which carries 10,000 visitors a

day and with 32 capsules. This gives the complete 360 degree view of the London.


House of Parliament: Parliament is one of the oldest assemblies in the world. Where it is palace for the Westminster and the residence of former kings. It contains 1200 rooms with 3 kilometers for passage and around of 100 staircase.

Las Casas del Parlamento - Londres / The House...Las Casas del Parlamento – Londres / The Houses of Parliament – London (Photo credit: Foxspain Fotografía)


Trafalgar Square: In 1820’s the Trafalgar Square was designed by John Nash and was constructed in the year of 1830s. It is place where it attracts the tourist and also emphasis on the public and political parades.


Big Ben: Big Ben is situated towards the north end of the Westminster palace whereas it is a bell of a clock in London. Big Ben is also given another name such as the clock tower also. This clock tower is the 3rd tallest free-standing clock and also celebrated its 150th anniversary in the year of 2009. This tower was completed in the year of 1858 and is also the most protruding symbol for London and England.

The above mentioned are the places to be covered when visited to London. The process of visiting United Kingdom requires a process to be accessed such as ESTA U.S Visa.

The above mentioned spots are not the only places to visit in UK, as there are many other places such as Westside that offer beautiful views during night times.

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