Top 5 Xmas Markets in the UK

If you are looking for something unique this Christmas but really don’t fancy slogging it out on Oxford Street why not take some time out to enjoy your shopping with some of these magical festive experiences…

London Southbank always offers a festive log cabin experience. Why not take a trip on the London Eye and take in a bird’s eye view
of the festivities below? A typical German style market with log cabins offering plenty of gift ideas for you to take home as well as sampling some festive food. Stretching along the Southbank all the way to Waterloo Bridge. There is plenty for all to do, a carousels for the little ones and plenty of Gluhwein stalls for the adults! 16th November– 24th December 2012

Edinburgh: If you are planning to head there for Hogmanay then why not head up early and do a bit of Christmas shopping first. Edinburgh offers not just one Christmas Market but two, Set around the mound the traditional Market with stalls from Frankfurt offering traditional and contemporary gifts and of course more Gluhwhein! When you’ve had your fill of Gluhwein here you can move onto the Highland Village Christmas Market on East Princes Street Gardens. Here, there is a definite Scottish theme with locally produced goods such as food, jewellery, and crafts. Take it all in with a warming Whisky hot toddy!

York: For a truly medieval affair hop over to York and indulge in a truly historical spectacular. St Nicholas Fayre starts on 29th November and is set in a series of locations. Barley Hall, York’s Medieval townhouse, restored to its former glory in the early nineties, now hosts a spectacular Christmas Fayre once a year, with costumed traders, live crafting and plenty of unique gifts. This is just one of the delights York has to offer it’s shoppers over the festive period. Visit Guild Hall and you’ll find it filled to the brim with local artisans creating some of Yorkshires finest goods. Outdoors there is the traditional Christmas Market on Parliament Street, St Sampson’s Square and Coppergate. The weekends see Carol singers, buskers and street entertainers to keep you entertained while you shop.

Bath: Playing host to one of the UKs most famous Christmas Markets. Head off to the main Square beside the Cathedral and the Roman Baths and there are 140 wooden chalets, selling everything from decorations to handmade gifts. You will be hard pressed to not get into the festive swing of things here. If you are feeling a little chilly whilst exploring the shops, why not pop into the Cathedral and listen to some Carols while you warm up?

Lincoln: You can’t help but be in awe of the breath taking view of Lincoln Cathedral lit up at night and it has never looked quite as spectacular as when it is surrounded by festive lights and stalls. Lincoln used to be a tiny Christmas market offering just a few stalls, now it has grown into a huge street festival with around 300 stalls stretching past the castle to the lawn. What better place is there to enjoy some of the local produce? Traditional Lincolnshire food is a plenty and wash it all down with some wine from Neustadt an der Weinstrasse – Lincoln’s twin city in Germany.


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London is the largest metropolitan area and it is the capital city of England situated in United Kingdom which is located onto the river Thames. London has got beautiful scenes to be captured. The city is said to be crowded but it is safe to roam at any time of the central heart of the city. The night life at London provides lots of enjoyment and satisfaction. The availability of getting through all the places to be covered will be well guided by a tourist escort even with the travel allowances.

The top 5 nights to visit in London are:

Tower of London:The Tower of London to be seen from the river Thames where we get the view of the water gates that is the “Traitors Gates”. The Tower of London is the place where the Queen’s crown jewels were kept and were very elegant to see. And it is also said that many years ago Tower of London was the residence for few kings and the queens.


This image was selected as a picture of the we...This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Czech Wikipedia for th week, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


London Eye: London Eye is a 135meters long which is one of the world’s tallest wheels till date. Which carries 10,000 visitors a

day and with 32 capsules. This gives the complete 360 degree view of the London.


House of Parliament: Parliament is one of the oldest assemblies in the world. Where it is palace for the Westminster and the residence of former kings. It contains 1200 rooms with 3 kilometers for passage and around of 100 staircase.

Las Casas del Parlamento - Londres / The House...Las Casas del Parlamento – Londres / The Houses of Parliament – London (Photo credit: Foxspain Fotografía)


Trafalgar Square: In 1820’s the Trafalgar Square was designed by John Nash and was constructed in the year of 1830s. It is place where it attracts the tourist and also emphasis on the public and political parades.


Big Ben: Big Ben is situated towards the north end of the Westminster palace whereas it is a bell of a clock in London. Big Ben is also given another name such as the clock tower also. This clock tower is the 3rd tallest free-standing clock and also celebrated its 150th anniversary in the year of 2009. This tower was completed in the year of 1858 and is also the most protruding symbol for London and England.

The above mentioned are the places to be covered when visited to London. The process of visiting United Kingdom requires a process to be accessed such as ESTA U.S Visa.

The above mentioned spots are not the only places to visit in UK, as there are many other places such as Westside that offer beautiful views during night times.

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Kefalonia – A Paradise Island

If you want to travel charter inside Europe, get the Mediterranean heat for a low cost and short travel, Kefalonia in Greece is the way to go. It is an island with its own airport, we arrived in the warm Greek sunset and saw the island just lying there waiting for us.

If you want to go there when the tourism isn’t at its top but the heat still remains, you should go around September, when it’s low season and the tourism is less obvious. We lived in a village called Lassi, about ten minutes from the airport; a quiet little street with about three supermarkets and lots of restaurants and two gorgeous beaches. Since it was low season the beaches weren’t packed with people and we could enjoy some very nice and quiet days on the beach. The people there speak good English and are very friendly. They do not want to throw things to sell on to you. All though, try not and eat your lunch every day at the beach because the price rises ghoulishly.

If you are there for two weeks, we suggest that you take one of those weeks to rent a car and travel around the island. It is not big and it will take you about five excursions to see the whole island.

I suggest you to go see what the island has to offer which is; Drogarati Cave near Sami which is located sixty meters under the ground and when you walk down there the temperature drops about ten degrees. The cave was first discovered 300 years ago and the opening was created during an earthquake that tore down almost the whole island. It is a remarkable sight and worth a visit that costs about €7 per person. Another extraordinary place, also close to Sami is the underground lake called Melissani. The water is colder than in the sea and perfectly clear. You get to travel in a little boat around the lake and it gives a magical and peaceful feeling. All though it is a tourist attraction it is something that you would want to see.

One trip should also go to Fiscardo – from Lassi it took us about two hours by car – and visit a nearby beach called Myrtos Bay located between the magnificent mountains. Every beach has sun chairs you can rent for about €3-7 per pair. You should also rent a good car because Kefalonia consists of many high mountains that you have to ascend. Fiscardo is a very cute little town but rather expensive so go through it and look at the houses and the harbor, buy and ice cream and then be on your way.

Also the little town called Argostoli with its shopping street and mooring walk is very much worth several visits. If you are lucky – like us – you will get to see a sea turtle by the dock that comes to visit. Otherwise a good way to see turtles is to go to the turtle beach near Skala and Radzakli named Mounda Bay where sea turtles come from the deep ocean to lay their eggs. Make sure that you try and come there when the turtles usually do and hope to get lucky. The beach itself is beautiful and the sand is friendly so no need to hire any sunbeds.

You should try out the restaurants as well. The food quality is usually terrific, apart from a few places but they still had their charm. If you have a favorite place, do not hesitate to go back – one tips is the Lassi restaurant Retsetto, amazing food, amazing staff –, but try and have a sea food platter in Skala or some other coast town or maybe a small Greek local restaurant that doesn’t look that touristy to get a feel to the Greek atmosphere.

Kefalonia is a paradise island with calm atmosphere and friendly locals. Even if you’re a family or couple who longs for a calm week or two, this is the place.

Gotland – Sweden’s sunny get together

Guest post bu Izzy Smith

If you are interested in Sweden but don’t want to travel to Stockholm or have already been there or maybe you want to see another part of Sweden and have a good time as well as a cultural stay.

An island located in the southeastern part of Sweden is named Gotland. Gotland has a reputation of being the sunniest place in Sweden which is probably why everyone loves it. It has got everything from cultural heritage, beaches, museums, shopping, and nightlife, fun activities for the family, boat trips, and events like Stockholm Week or Middle Age Week.

Gotland has a rich history that reaches back ten thousand years and every year festivals, theaters, music and hiking contributes the memory of the history. You can live like a Viking, visit different museums and take part of the well protected items that can be over three thousand years old. You can even take part of tournaments where knights fight against each other. You can also watch a Shakespeare play in a typical monastery environment. Many of the hotels in Visby – the capital of the landscape Gotland – have a Middle Age theme with a design from the 1300th century. Also in Gotland, you are always close to a church so to visit the magnificent buildings is a must.

If you are the more adventurous kind of type there are a lot of activities for you here, everything from riding an MC bike through the dirt roads with the sun in your face to kayak adventures. There are cave tours and horse riding tours. You can get around the island in many different ways even if it is by car, horse, bike or feet, with or without guide. Everything that suits you is available.

If you are traveling with the whole family, Gotland is a perfect place. It has got many child friendly beaches where you can relax and your kids can play. Also you will have to visit Kneippbyn which is a play land with about fifteen water sleighs and eight warm pools and baby pools. Also here you have to visit Pippi Longstocking’s house Villa Ville Kulla, the actual original. And speaking of Pippi why not let your kids walk in her steps? Is it possible to carry a horse or is it better that he carries you? Can you find a spunk or eat as much candy as you can? Maybe your child wants to be a fair princess for a day or maybe get dubbed to a royal knight? Maybe they want to take a route in the little Visby train to see what the island has to offer or maybe visit a scary cave? For the bigger kids there are lots of clubs with disco’s and activities during the days, letting them learn the island and the Kanonen Activity Center offers bowling alleys and laser dome.

If you’re traveling with your friends and want to have some fun, Gotland’s great. Visby in a summer night is almost idyllic and cars and stress is left at home. Visby is a city of pleasure and offers great food and drink supply. And there is something for everyone. If you want to dress nicely and drink champagne all night long you can do that, and if you want to have a beer in a pub with your mates, that works too. You can find it all here. Every year during week 29 there is something you as a party dog don’t want to miss. Stockholm Week. Then all the fancy people from the finest parts of Stockholm come here to party and meet new people from all around the world.

Almost all Sweden’s music elite come here to play since it is a popular place for people to be, different people. You can meet anyone here. You can see anyone here and you can do whatever you want. Sweden’s sunny resort Gotland is definitely worth a visit.

Enjoy Traveling With Lower Stress By Planning Well

So, you’ve booked it. You’re ready to execute your traveling plan? Well, now is a great time.You probably have many questions on what you need to know, but don’t worry, this article can assist you. Listed below are some tips that will help you get started with your traveling aspirations.

Before you leave on a vacation, get as much sleep as possible. Being well-rested will give you the energy you need to enjoy your vacation, as well as helping prevent jet lag. You aren’t going to want to sleep in and waste your vacation time once you leave, and you may have trouble sleeping in a new place, so it’s better to be prepared.

If you travel a great deal for work, the constant change of venue and planes can be exhausting. Make it a bit easier on yourself by always requesting the same seat when you book a flight (“9A, please, or right over the wing.”) Actually, over the wing is a good spot because the plane tends to be most solidly anchored and less susceptible to vibration. That way, you will feel as though you’re sitting in “your” seat on the same plane back and forth, and you’ll also be accustomed to working in that particular position (window at your left, etc.)

Depending on your destination, consider purchasing toiletries when you arrive. This lessens the amount you must pack and may save you money if you have fewer bags to check with an airline. It also reduces the time it takes to navigate airport security since you are not carrying as much.

Pick up a few newspapers while you are traveling overseas. A newspaper makes a great souvenir. If you are able to read the language, it will remind you of what was happening in that locale on the days you were there. If you can’t read it, consider using it as wrapping paper for the gifts that you bring home to your friends and family. It will add another unique touch to your presents.

When traveling, it is important to remember to pack only what you need. This rule is most applicable to trips by air, as luggage fees are much higher now than they previously were. Most airports will sell anything you might not have room for and major surrounding cities should as well.


When traveling in London, bring an A to Z(ed) guide. An A-Z includes detailed maps of the entire city, including nderground stops. These books come in different sizes and may even be available on your phone. You don’t need to walk around with your nose in your A-Z, but having one handy will help you navigate in a pinch!

Now you are much more prepared when it comes to traveling. You should now be more prepared for this trip and for future trips! Hopefully, the tips that were given gave you some advice that will help you get started with your traveling, so that you can begin traveling like a pro.

Tips For Planning A Successful Vacation to NYC

There is a lot of information available ,on every travel subject imaginable. Wading through all of this information to find the best pearls of wisdom, can be a hard task to take on. Fortunately, we have compiled some of the best information available to make your travels as rewarding as possible.

If you and a group of family or friends are traveling by car, bring a walkie talkie wherever
you go. Cell phones need to have a cell tower in order to work properly. Walkie talkies only
need each other, making them more beneficial than the phones when you are traveling in
rural areas that might not have cell phone coverage.

New York

To get the best deal on popular local attractions, always ask your hotel first if they offer discounted tickets. In major tourist destinations like New York City, it is common for hotel chains to offer discounted rates to their guests. The same is true of family destinations like Florida where many hotels pump up their occupancy rates with reduced amusement park admissions.

One decision you need to make when taking a trip is whether to buy travel insurance at all. If you are flying to New York and the ticket only costs $150, it’s not really worth paying another $50 to cover that trip in case of cancellation. However, if you are taking the trip of your dreams to a faraway place, it might be well worth the incremental expense on a $4,000 vacation to know that your money won’t be lost in the event of a cancellation.

These are just a few of the many great ideas you can choose to incorporate into your travel planning. Take your time and do not let all of the many preparations you must make, detract from your enjoyment. Keep these tips in mind and your trip will be the best you ever had.