Meet the face
behind the posts

I am a mum and step-mum to three beautiful boys.  I have had a fairly challenging few years and have dabbled in blogging for some time.  As I have previously documented my journey including my darker moments I am now looking to share my lighter moments in life as I find myself firmly grounded in my identity as a woman, friend, partner and mother.

In 2020, I was officially diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and am now on a journey to heal my body with lifestyle changes including diet and exercise.  While always an avid lover of exercise, I am known to push myself to my limits and I am now attempting to find greater balance.

2020 is also bringing some more exciting happier times for my family with the build of a new home and this being the first build I have ever done, I am sure won't be without it's challenges all the while raising our chaotic little family!

I would love to have you follow along as I share things I love, am passionate about and enjoy - including day to day family life.