Grab your wine - 10 things about me in under 10 mins!

So I realised I have never really written a get to know me blog. I haven’t really ever talked about my life pre-it becoming a shit show. I would like to think I lived pretty drama free and people who knew before I fell apart, which time is that Mez?!?.....know that I was pretty hard working, kind but very particular and probably didn’t suffer fools lightly, I was not quick to forgive and blunt. Blunt with my facial expressions too, I believe I still hold this trait. Some might even throw in high maintenance but I think we are just getting a bit crazy now.

Over the last year or so, I have really delved back over parts of my upbringing to better understand why I made certain choices or why I allowed myself to be treated poorly, and perhaps, couldn’t even see that it was being treated poorly. I experienced lots of things growing up from a young age that probably many wouldn’t be exposed to so it kind of hardened me on the inside I suppose. I have a very strong defensive mechanism where I have the ability to coldly cut people from my life once I am fed up, although with some it has taken me a little too long to get to this stage.

I am a lefty, which neither of my darling boys got might I add, and a Leo star sign if you are into that!

So some top 10 things about me growing up…..

1. My mum and dad, to even say that together is odd, split when I was 2 years of age. I have not had any relationship with my father since I was 18 – he has never met my kids and until last year didn’t know I had a second son. I have no ill will, he is not a bad man, he is not mean or cruel – but I honestly don’t really have any feelings about it. The very odd occasion, say once every few years, it really stings or bites but other than that I don’t give it a lot of thought. That’s my cold side I suppose, any deeper thought it will probably hurt and I don’t have the energy or time for that quite frankly. I made my peace with it a long time ago.

2. I grew up in small towns and went to six different schools between Kindergarten and Year 12. I have never been particularly afraid of change and I would like to think this has come from the resilience I learned moving around.

3. I was a tomboy – you name the ‘boys’ sports – I played em! Touch footy, cricket, softball, kick a football – I was able to do it growing up. The boys didn’t really treat me any differently so it was either keep up or get left behind. Plus my very oldest girlfriend and childhood friend was a country girl and tomboy too so I guess we were two peas in a pod really.

4. My step-dad was next level strict – looking back, I wasn’t a troublesome kid really. I didn’t get involved in underage drinking, drugs, driving cars, hanging out with the wrong crowd or sneaking out. I guess I just wasn’t overly interested but I did a lot of talking back, didn’t unstack the dishes or do my chores and I used to get grounded…. A LOT…. he expected a lot but again, I don’t look back on this sadly or unfairly – I just accept that was how he showed me he cared for me. He wanted me to reach my full potential and wanted me to be a good person.

5. I lost four significant immediate family members between the age of 12 and 19. We first lost my step-brother when I was 12, my maternal grand-mother when I was 15, my step-dad when I was 18 and my maternal grandfather when I was 19. I read my first eulogy when I was 15 and went onto read them at the funerals of my granddad and step-dad. The latter of which was extremely tough and heartbreaking.

6. I was exposed to mental illness from a young age which is probably why it is something I am always so empathetic about and it hits a chord, not only from my own challenges with it. My step-dad had severe depression and my mum and I lived it with him – living with it is hard but being the immediate family and support is equally as tough.

7. I moved out of home as soon as soon as I had the opportunity – I have always had a zest for adventure and so having my own place just seemed like a good idea…. Like most kids though I was a boomerang and came back to live with my mum over the years.

8. I have been obsessed with travelling and seeing the world for as long as I can remember. I have been to over 15 different countries and will always absolutely LOVE Europe. It’s culture and history just fascinates me! It probably started because my fam was always going away for the weekends and I don't recall a time when it was Christmas holidays and we didn't spend at least a week at the beach.

9. I had no desire to go to university straight after school, although I got enough marks to get into a university (yes a real one) I didn’t even bother applying, which had my step dad been alive, he would have been most disappointed. But I went on to love study and got my degree and other things over ten years.

10. And last but not least…….. I have the BEST mum. Maybe that’s why I dealt with trauma’s differently because no matter what I have had her. We are ride or die, best friends, talk everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I support her through life’s challenges and by jesus does she support me. Growing up I recall being able to get away with most things, my mum is a bit of a soft touch – don’t tell her – but one thing that was never ok was being disrespectful or rude. To her particularly but to others too.

I thought I was just share something a little more fun and light hearted with this blog and give you some more insight into what makes me…. Me!

Much love and please stay safe and look after yourselves,