The Health Journey - Edition Two

So this blog is a little overdue, let’s be honest. Ironically this one is a health update and the reason I hadn’t written it earlier was due to the ear infection and being so sick. Dammit!

Picking up where I last left off, I have finished the course of herbal antibiotics for my SIBO, I am still taking a strong daily probiotic but I have largely started to return my diet to normal. There are things that I am not eating because I know they will just irritate my tummy, for instance, dairy overload but for the most part I have started returning to a normal balanced diet. I was meant to re-test for my SIBO about ten days ago but being sick it was not ideal nor did I have the mental stamina to prep for it and eat the bland diet from hell again – you will know if you are a regular Instagram story watcher!

Without having retested – I can tell you the improvements are insane!!! It definitely took a few good weeks, which I knew it would given we went the more natural, less aggressive treatment route. The last two weeks I actually noticed a massive difference to my gut health. I don’t wake up automatically feeling uncomfortable, less foods are irritating my tummy throughout the day, I don’t feel as sluggish (well when I am infection free) and my skin is a lot better. Just clearer and less spotting, wahooo always a win for a woman! I am due to meet with my nutritionist next week but I will probably push that back given I haven’t had the chance to retest just yet.

Now I won’t lie, the restricted diet was hard! I would say for the first 3-4 weeks I was 70-80% compliant with foods that I should or shouldn’t be eating.

The last two weeks being so unwell, well I kind of just ate what I felt. However, I guess this was sort of a good test to see how my tummy handled it and for the most part, it handled it fairly well. It wasn’t the volume of food that was the issue, it’s more challenging removing things from your diet is that you don’t think about it. The SIBO bacteria loves a good sugar – from fruit, sauces, chocolate, flours – whatever form. This made buying jar sauces hard, no onion and garlic means basically restricting every type of takeout you can have, variety became challenging as I tended to keep eating the same things I knew I could have as trying to juggle so much prep and cooking with a young family was a tough balance.

So I am really curious to see what the next set of tests come out with and see if there is an improvement there. I would be absolutely floored if there wasn’t!!

Now onto my immune system update….. well obviously given how sick I got with an ear infection it’s safe to say my immune system is a traitor and is quite useless to me! However, I saw the specialist and she was really lovely and ran through a lot of things with me. I was very emotional (I blame being unwell) and started to cry and tell her how crazy I felt. She was so kind and assured me that given all my blood results that I was not in fact crazy and the way I am feeling physically is to be expected with what is showing. So there is a bit of a plan going forward, I need to retest my bloods and white blood cells. She is also checking to see if there is a reason why I am prone to so many infections so regularly. Directly following this, I will trial a prescribed anti-inflammatory over the course of three weeks. It will diminish in dosage over the three weeks to see if this helps with feeling heavy and sluggish. I will then see her again in November to get my blood results and decide what to do from there. The challenge I have is nothing definitive is showing in my blood at the moment, what I mean by that is that I don’t have a positive Lupus test or Rheumatoid Arthritis. But this is the challenge with autoimmune issues, it can take many years for these results to show in your blood work or perhaps never. There are a portion of people that can have results with markers yet it not eventuate into anything. However, when the markers are inflamed you feel like shite. Fun huh?!?! What the hope is that we can navigate how to manage lifestyle and feel well and strong.

One great thing about all of this is that I feel as though I am starting to actually get somewhere. I told my specialist, give me a plan and I’ll implement the plan but having no way forward makes me feel like I am running on the mice wheel constantly! So between my nutritionist and specialist, we have an effin’ plan! So I will do another little health update closer to Christmas and see how I am feeling. Goals would be to actually get back into weight training!!

Much love,